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Double Quantity Removable Shelf


Double Quantity Removable Shelf

Microwave Specialties, Inc. is constantly working on implementing new ideas for commercial microwave performance in the food service Industry.

This new product allows the Chef to heat twice the amount of food items than normally can be done. This is very helpful in restaurants that are heating same like plated meals.

For example to heat two bowls of Chicken Soup half quart each at 40F / a total of 1 qt. In a 1200-watt unit will take 6:00 minutes total time of heating for both. In a 2100-watt unit it will take 4:00 minutes from 40F starting.

Double Quantity Removable Shelf ( DQRS ) is made of clear poly-plastic, which has FDA approval and will withstand temps up to 265 degrees F.

Pricing starts at $39.00 each - quantity discounts are available.

When ordering specify for which model:
Pt, No. DRQS 22/23 Fits Sharp model R-22, 23, 24.25 GT's
Pt, No. DQRS 22/23 Fits Sharp model R-CD 12, 18, 22
Pt. No, DQRS R-CD Fits Panasonic model NE-1757, 21

Double Quantity Removable Shelf
1 to 9 Units

10+ Units

Microwave Specialties Inc. is your one Stop Shopping for commercial Microwave Ovens. For assistance call our problems solvers at our technical support center, Sales, Service - 1-800-332-2448 or e-mail us at

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