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Microwave Specialties Inc. is pleased to announce our Service Depot. Commercial microwave shipping repair services.

In today's business world, trying to find a service company locally in your area to fix your microwave at a reasonable price on location can be challenging. this is why we started Microwave Service Depot in 1990 for the commercial food service industry. Typically this is a 3 to 4 day turnaround.

We have made a special shipping box for the microwaves to address this need. This letter of instruction will be inside the box for the end user to follow the simple instructions. You are responsible for putting the oven in the box properly. If damage occurs in transit due to improper use it's your responsibility. Assessed value is $30.00 for the box. this is a reusable box.

Step #1
Customer calls in with the model number and the nature of the problem. Customers name and shipping address is recorded in the log book. Call tag is issued for the next day pick up. If they have a box, or we ship a box same day.

Step #2
We email or fax these instruction to manager/customer the same day the call comes in and a copy of these instructions will be in the box.

Step #3
The Box has a molded polyethylene bottom designed for you specific model. When putting the m/w in this box according to instructions. Please make use of the plastic bag that is supplied.

After you put the oven in the plastic bag, now put oven in the box making sure the front of the oven is facing the correct way as indicated in the box.

Step #5
Now that the oven is in the box correctly, put the top molded piece on the oven. Follow the arrows indicating the position tape the top of the box closed. It's now ready for pick up by the carrier.

Step #6
We will recall the Shipping Service Depot Box for pick up for the next day to be returned to Microwave Specialties Inc.

Step #7
We will call with an estimate of repair. All labor and parts are warranted for 90 days. Magnetron are warranted for 12 months part only.

Step #8
We will recall the box after you receive the repaired oven back. if the customer wants to keep the Service Depot Box and a has a safe storage place for it, will record this on out log book for use at a later date.

If customer does use our Service Depot Box and does not follow all instructions and damaged occurs in shipping, it will be the responsibility of the customer.

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Laurel, Maryland 20707

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