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Sharp R23GTF
1200 watt, stainless steel construction, full featured control panel.
Panasonic NE-2180
2100 watt, stainless, full function timer, 16 memory
Amana ACE 14
Combination Microwave convection oven 220/230 Volt, 50/60 Hz.
Sharp Rice Cooker KSH777DW
Commercial Rice cooker - Extra Large Capacity cooks up to 38 6-ounce cups of raw rice = 120 3-ounce servings of cooked rice.

If you're in the restaurant or food catering business, you need a professional microwave. Restaurant microwaves are designed to withstand heavy use - up to six hours a day with hundreds of door openings - as opposed to the less than 10 minutes a day that household microwaves are generally used.

Not only will you get more mileage out of a professional microwave oven, but you'll also be in compliance with health and safety laws. In addition to being more robust, a microwave for a restaurant is constructed with materials that will stay sanitary during commercial use if cleaned properly.

Professional microwaves are incredibly versatile and can do far more than simply heat prepared food. They can steam and cook food to perfection and give it a simmered-all-day taste in mere minutes. Many of our microwaves come with cooking guides and can be custom-programmed for your specific needs.

Microwave Specialties Inc. is your one-stop shop for commercial microwave ovens. For assistance, please call  1-800-332-2448 or e-mail us at for sales, service or technical support. We're a factory authorized repair shop for Sharp, Panasonic and Amana microwaves, and we also offer additional repairs through our Service Depot.

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