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Standardized Microwave Oven Touch Control Timer

For office groups and hospital / healthcare / franchises:

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the microwave ovens worked the same and all items were the same size and weight and worked on one button? Unfortunately this is not the case. Fortunately we have a solution for this problem. We now offer our customers at point of sale a vinyl over lay decal to the control touch pad which is pre-programmed and displays time and food description per touch pad button.

The last button number ten (10) is hi-lighted in bright RED labeled POP CORN Bag which has been tested for each model. No more guessing which button to push. This cut down on clean up of messes helps eliminate fires in the cooking cavity and employees will not have to wait as long to heat there foods.

We will unpack the new oven in our test facility for programming and affixing the label to the touch control pad. While we have the oven out of the box for programming, we also test the oven for performance and safety, to assure customer satisfaction then repacked in it’s original box.

The cost for the programming and labeling is an additional $25.00 per oven.

Please see the attached picture of the control panel.

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Jim Stratton
Microwave Specialties

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Control Panel Labeling
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Example for Panasonic


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