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Send Us Your Microwave Repair!
Microwave Service Depot provides all materials needed
to assure safe, expedient, and no-fuss repair
of your commercial microwave oven.

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Microwave Service Depot recognizes the importance of the microwave in today’s restaurant businesses and knows how hard it is to get your microwave oven repaired properly and within a reasonable time. The well-trained commercial microwave oven repair technician is becoming harder to find. Many repair businesses are situated in large metropolitan areas; leaving many restaurants out of the service area for these facilities. Additionally, some of these shops require that the units be brought in for repair. Certainly this puts an added burden on a manager trying to effectively run his or her restaurant efficiently. As a last resort, the restaurant is forced to use consumer appliance repair facilities that do not have the proper equipment or ready access to parts and whose employees have little experience in repairing commercial microwave ovens. As a result, today it often takes longer than 2 weeks, often as long as 4-5 weeks or more, to get a commercial microwave oven repaired.

At Microwave Service Depot we don’t repair refrigerators. We don’t repair ice machines. We only offer highly trained master technicians with over 35 years experience servicing commercial microwave ovens. Combining this expertise with the reliability and convenience of UPS services, Microwave Service Depot has devised a program to meet the needs of today’s demanding restaurants.

With a keen understanding of the restaurant industry, it is our goal to provide professional repair services in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.
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Here's How The Program Works:
  • First, notify us of your microwave problem via fax, service request form or our toll-free number. One of our trained service counselors will be glad to help you. If your microwave problem cannot be resolved via telephone, we will immediately initiate the repair process.

  • After some information gathering, our service representative will issue a repair order for your unit and arrange for packaging materials to be sent to your location. At your request we can expedite a loaner unit to you for a nominal fee.

  • When you receive the packaging materials, carefully follow the simple instructions enclosed to prepare your microwave for pick-up. All necessary supplies will be included with the kit.

  • UPS will pick up the microwave and take it to our Microwave Repair Facility where one of our master technicians will evaluate the oven to determine needed repairs.

  • The unit is then repaired, cleaned and tested to the original manufacturer's specifications as well as a variety of safety checks for compliance to UL/CUL, FCC and CDRH requirements.

  • Upon completion of the necessary repairs, the microwave is promptly shipped back to you via UPS.

Benefits Of The Program:
  • Microwave Service Depot stocks a large inventory of parts for all commercial microwave oven models, reducing turnaround time.

  • We limit our service area to 2 day UPS ground shipping allowing quick turn around time as well as minimizing shipping costs; faster service is available if required at additional cost.

  • Microwave Service Depot performs an initial age/condition assessment over the phone to help you determine if the oven is worth repairing. It is most likely not worth sending an 8 or 9 year old microwave for repair. In this case, our trained counselors can help you select a replacement unit from our vast inventory of the latest commercial microwave models by the leading manufacturers.

  • All ovens are calibrated to insure that heating power and time is consistent.

  • Microwave Service Depot ships each repaired oven with an operating tip sheet that offers suggestions and helpful hints for the operation and maintenance of your commercial microwave oven.

  • Repaired ovens are returned with a 90-day warrantee on our repair.

  • Ovens can be custom programmed for a small additional fee.

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